Our Work – What we do

Nanny Nati


Our work

Since 2003 we have focused on leading and facilitating kaupapa Maori, community based research and environmental restoration from within our community. 


Research projects include:


  • Low Enthalpy Geothermal Resources in Rural Maori Communities


All of our environmental restoration work is undertaken as part of Waiapu Koka Huhua our 100+ year restoration project for the Waiapu River Catchment. The key workstreams for years 1-5 are:


  • to establish restoration (native plantings) sites in each subcatchment of the Waiapu River catchment
  • to establish a community nursery that will enable us to eco-source seed and meet the planting needs of restoration sites
  • to grow and enhance mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders within the catchment
  • to develop (in collaboration with all key stakeholders) an integrated catchment management plan
  • to increase our community’s participation in resource management and other policy and decision-making processes


 Community Support, Advice & Advocacy

Please call and/ or visit  our office at 20 Barry Ave, Ruatorea.  We have assisted community members with a range of services including providing or locating research and study material, photocopying and faxing (for a nominal fee), IT advice and administration for local hui.  We also sponsor local events and facilitate opportunities for rangatahi where possible.


We maintain a small archive of information relating to the work we do and our community.  This includes newspaper clippings, journals/ serials, manuscripts, research papers, reports and publications.  We also hold a small audio-visual archive including maps, film, video interviews with local pakeke and kaumatua, wananga and photographs.




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