Profiles – Tui Aroha Warmenhoven

Tui  (Ngati Porou, Ngati Uepohatu & Te Whanau A  Apanui) 100_0313.jpg 
is manager and co-researcher of He Oranga Trust. 

Tui is a trained lawyer with an employment background in government, educational and tribal organisations.   She has practised as a Solicitor and worked as a Policy Analyst, Researcher, Tutor and Bi-Cultural Advisor.  Her field of interest or expertise is models for sustainability in land use and community development with particular interest in waterways, fisheries, environmental restoration and Maori knowledge (customary and contemporary). From 1997-1999, Tui was appointed the Secretary of the Maori Purposes Fund Board where she worked briefly with the five Maori electorate Members of Parliament. She is presently on the national Maori advisory board to the CEO of the Department of Corrections, and is a trustee of Porou Ariki Trust, Ngati Porou’s Fisheries Board. 

Tui has participated in multiple international forums and conferences on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (2006 Porto Alegre, Brazil), the Global Consultation for Indigenous Peoples on the Right to Food, Food Security and Food Sovereignty (2006 Porto Cabezas Nicaragua) and the International Experts Seminar on Indicators Relevant to Indigenous Peoples, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Millennium Development Goals (2007 Banaue Philippines). Her tasks involved panel presentation; co-moderating, co-drafting and submitting statements and recommendations from working groups on Women, Gender and Youth; press statements and delivery of the political statement of the forum to ICARRD, working groups on Traditional Knowledge Innovations and Practices and the Pacific Regional Group.  She was also selected to co-draft the final report for the Food Sovereignty meeting and is now a member of the “Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance for Food Sovereignty”.   Tui was sponsored by the UN FAO the IITC, IIFB, Tebtebba and FAIRA Foundations to participate at these forums. 

Tui is mother to three: Te Rangimarie, Tia Aroha and Manaaki.


Contact details:
Ph: +64 6 8648363
Fx: +64-6 8648363
Mb: +64 21 413 508



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